1. Pick Your Growler

At Elite Growler, you pick your beer and we fill a growler - on the spot - directly from our tap. So, for starters you need to pick a growler.* What's a growler? Read more about that here. We offer two growler sizes - 64oz and 32oz.** Get the 64oz. You'll thank us later :)

If you need a growler, it is just $5. You get to keep and refill it as often as you want. 

*You can bring your own growler.

** Choose either size growler and swap for the other size at any point. The world is yours, my friend.


We offer craft beer from 40 taps. That's right. There are FORTY beer choices. Don't worry, though. We offer samples so you can be sure to pick the right beer. Once you make a choice, we fill your growler and seal it up.

We keep our website up to date with the most current craft beer selections from our taps. If you would like to be "in the know" when things change or we are running a deal, just subscribe to our email list.

3. Rinse and Repeat

All finished? That's great! Rinse out your growler with hot water (soap is not necessary) and let it dry.* Bring back the growler and the cap on your next visit. We will refill it for you with your next beer choice.

*Simply keep your growler in a dry place and you are all set for your next visit. Don't close the cap too tight. Let it breathe while patiently waiting to be filled with beer once again.